Aliens shake up the belly dance scene


Bellydance has attracted dancers from Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America eager to make a name for themselves in the field

Cairo: At a Cairo wedding venue, Russian belly dancer Anastasia Biserova slipped onto the dance floor in a shimmering high-slit skirt and elaborate sequined bra top.

She swirled her diaphanous pink shawl and slipped into the room as a band played music, as the crowd erupted into enthusiastic applause – all captured in a video posted online.

“There is no country in the world that enjoys belly dancing like Egypt. Here there is a growing trend to invite foreign belly dancers to weddings, nightclubs and other events, ”she said.

Biserova arrived in Cairo over four years ago and has built a solid reputation.
Belly dancers from Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America and elsewhere have dominated the scene in recent years in Egypt, long considered the birthplace of belly dancing.

But the North African country has seen its community of local dancers shrink, largely due to the growing notoriety of the profession as the country has become more conservative over the past half century – and to a crackdown on the profession. increasing freedoms.

Belly dancer Maria Lurdiana Alves Tejas said it took some time for her to come to terms with the Egyptians’ conflicting view of her profession. Classes.

But there are some who don’t see me as a professional – or (who think) that I didn’t have a good education and that I’m only doing this to show off my body for money, ”he said. she declared. The Egyptian belly dancing scene flourished in the last century, when icons like Samia Gamal and Tahya Carioca rose to fame on the big screen.

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