A dance lecture in memory of the late kathak representative Maya Rao

Titled Dr Maya Kathak and Choreography Conference 2022, the event will focus on the themes of “reimagining, regenerating, reactivating” through dance

Titled Dr Maya Kathak and Choreography Conference 2022, the event will focus on the themes of “reimagining, regenerating, reactivating” through dance

May 2 is the birthday of the late dance teacher and kathak representative, Maya Rao. In his memory, his daughter Madhu Nataraj, also a dance choreographer, is organizing the Dr Maya Rao Kathak and Choreography Conference 2022, which is being held for the fourth consecutive year. The event will take place in Bengaluru on May 3rd at the Bangalore International Centre, Domlur between 3pm and 8pm.

The conference, which has the slogan – reinvent, regenerate, reactivate – aims to share the message that we must rejuvenate not only from illness and loss, but also rethink our ways of life, according to Madhu, who is also the founder of the contemporary dance school STEM Dance Kampni. “We also need to ask ourselves if the pandemic pause has helped reset our minds and our thinking.”

This year’s conference will feature names such as Shoba Narayan (journalist and author), Malavika Sarukkai and Anita Ratnam (classical dancers), Rakesh Raghunathan (historian), Anupama Kylash (scholar) and MD Pallavi (musician, theater actor , filmmaker).

Madhu Nataraj, carries on the legacy

Madhu Nataraj, carries on the legacy | Photo credit: special arrangement

Madhu thinks the talk is different because it is about what has changed in the world and how do we place dance in that space. “It’s about examining a sense of community and transformation in creativity and its impact on dance.”

The conference, adds Madhu, is held in memory of a dancer who was multi-dimensional. “The one who straddled the traditional world and the contemporary world with equal ease. I believe in the unlimited possibilities that dance offers us. It is not just a means of expression, but of profound transformation, which also aids in healing. The last aspect is important because we have all experienced fractured moments over the past two years.

The five-hour conference will be divided into three parts: Reactivate (which will be presented by Sandhya Medonza, who will talk about how we can reactivate the new space we find ourselves in today), Regenerate (led by Malavika Sarukkai, who will talk about the regenerative power of dance) and rejuvenating (which talks about the healing aspect of dance).

This year, Madhu is also presenting the ‘Guru Maya Rao Puraskar Lifetime Achievement Award’, which will be given to Maya’s younger sister, Chitra Venugopal. “She is a legendary teacher who has worked extensively in the dance world and is also a student of Sambhu Maharaj.” Madhu’s dance team will perform a dance choreography called “Tarana”. “We have recreated the late guru Maya Didi’s vintage choreography, based on a poem by Amir Khurso.”

To register, log on to https://rzp.io/l/ConferenceRegistration22

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